Global Warming/Melting Ice Caps


   "It seems certain that to make the earth into a paradise like Eden, such as the prophecies picture, and a fit place for the restored race, some great changes of climate, etc., must occur.  Looking back, we find that some important changes of climate, etc., took place at the time of the Deluge; a change which at once affected the longevity of humanity, for before that life averaged 500 to 1,000 years, but immediately afterward it was shortened. (See `Gen. 6:3`; `9:29`; `11:32`.) Furthermore, we learn that until the flood, there had been no rain on the earth, it being watered by a mist instead. (`Gen. 2:5,6`.) These changes occurred at the end of the first world or dispensation--at the beginning of "The present evil world," or dispensation--and we think that a proper time to expect another change to a better condition would be at the close of the present evil dispensation, at the threshold of "The world [dispensation] to come," wherein dwelleth righteousness." — ("Zion's Watch Tower, September 1883" p. 8)


   "We may be sure that great changes must take place in the climates and soils of the earth, before it will be "prepared," as was the garden of Eden to be a fit home for perfect man. Cyclones, earthquakes, thunderbolts, and alternations of drouth and deluge, and of blizzards of cold and simoons of heat, are indications of the imperfection of earth; for the causes are doubtless natural, and very rarely indeed can we see them to be special dispensations of Providence. That God has the entire scope of his plan in all its details measured exactly, we cannot doubt, after learning the plan of the ages; hence we may know that earth must reach its perfection as the garden home of man by the close of the Millennial Age." — ("Zion's Watch Tower, September, 1886" p. 1)


   "Great physical changes in nature may reasonably be expected as a part of the impending trouble (intermingled with the social, political, financial and religious troubles of this day of the Lord). What the changes will be we know not; but we do know that present conditions of climate, etc., are not such as we should expect or are promised "when the Kingdom is the Lord's and he is the governor among the nations." If, therefore, any of the King's Own shall witness at close quarters any of the fearful signs connected with the grand changes now due, let them remember that the Lord knoweth them that are his and will not permit anything to come upon them that he will not overrule for good." — ("Zion's Watch Tower, August, 1896 " p. 189)


   "THE DELUGE EFFECT ... The temperature of the whole earth was equable, the sun's rays acting upon the watery canopy as they do upon the white glass of a hot-house. The temperature was the same at the poles as at the equator. This accounts for the remains of tropical animals and of plant life found imbedded under hundreds of feet of ice in the polar regions ... Scientific Bible students are having their faith in God's Word established more and more. Without affecting the torrid zone, the warmer temperature is now extending itself into the frigid zone quite rapidly. "Greenland's Icy Mountains" will soon be things of the past. The poles are warming up. The ice caps are dissolving." — ("Zion's Watch Tower, January, 1913" p. 11)


   "PREPARATIONS FOR THE MILLENNIUM. Polar ice, both arctic and antarctic, seems to have been steadily decreasing, and it may be that these frigid deserts shall once more blossom as the rose-- `Isa. 35:1`--literally. The ice from both poles seems to be drifting toward equatorial regions, to such an extent that, in the north, it has become a menace to commerce, and it may be a work preparatory to the "times of restitution."" — ("Zion's Watch Tower, May, 1903 " p. 131)

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