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  Title, Dedication, and Author's 1916 Foreword  
Study I The Fact And Philosophy Of Atonement 15
Study II The Author Of The Atonement 33
Study III The Mediator Of The Atonement, The Only Begotten One 83
Study IV The Mediator Of The Atonement, The Undefiled One 97
Study V The Mediator Of The Atonement, "Made Like Unto His Brethren" And "Touched With A Feeling Of Our Infirmities" 107
Study VI The Mediator Of The Atonement, David's Son And David's Lord 129
Study VII The Mediator Of The Atonement, "The Son Of Man" 149
Study VIII The Channel Of The Atonement, The Holy Spirit Of God 163
Study IX The Baptism, Witness And Seal Of The Spirit Of At-One-Ment 209
Study X The Spirit Of A Sound Mind 249
Study XI The Holy Spirit Of At-One-Ment, Supposed Objections Considered 263
Study XII The Subject Of The Atonement--Man 301
Study XIII Hopes For Life Everlasting And Immortality Secured By The Atonement 383
Study XIV The Necessity For The Atonement--The Curse 405
Study XV "A Ransom For All" The Only Basis For At-One-Ment 421
Study XVI The Ministry Of Reconciliation Or At-One-Ment 487